Student Testimonial: Hope from Fusion Oak Brook

A Fusion Academy Oak Brook student, Hope, chose to write a 250 word essay on Fusion:

To get to my school, you have to drive to a mini-mall and park in the lot of a restaurant. Next, you walk through a door on the side of what looks like an empty building, which leads to an echo-y lobby where you’ll be slammed by inspirational quotations and the intense odor of about seven different air fresheners. If you even consider using the elevator, there’s a decal to remind you that success is step-driven, and you lug yourself up the staircase. It might sound awful, weird, and even sketchy, but to me, it is home.

Fusion Academy: a revolutionary way to school. From the outside a passerby might think that we consider ourselves revolutionary because we have one-on-one classes and students do homework at school. However, for those on the inside it’s much more. It’s sitting on a beanbag and getting pulled into class by your teacher. It’s playing charades with your friends during lunchtime. It’s tap dancing in front of your peers to teach them about physics. It’s stress-free Sunday nights knowing tomorrow you get to go to school.

We are trained that there is a rhythm to schooling, one way to get an education. I had no idea that a place with Fusion’s innovation existed until I stumbled upon it. Now, I see reality through that lens. I used to view routine as essential. It turns out convention is a rut, and all you have to do is take the stairs.