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Use full legal name and review all information for accuracy.

Don’t use business or work email to register your account.

Check email settings to ensure confirmation email comes through.

We recommend using Chrome when navigating in Parchment.


I can only find Fusion Academy Grand Rapids, Michigan. Why?

With Fusion’s 43+ locations, we have created one administrative Parchment account under the Grand Rapids address. Your account is still connected to the campus you or your student took courses at and the transcript will reflect.


Where can I order my transcript?

You can request a transcript by clicking the “Login to Parchment” button above, directly through your campus by filling out a “Transcript Request” form.


How do I know if Parchment is a good option for me?

Parchment is a great resource to keep record of your transcript electronically, as well as monitor the progress of where and when it gets sent to other organizations. All full-time Fusion students wanting to periodically get transcripts at the end of year are encouraged to use Parchment. If you are a Class-for-Credit student or you are only taking one course with us, then you may want to speak directly with your campus to request a transcript when needed. You may also consider not using Parchment if you are needing to send physical copies, as Parchment will charge a fee.


What if I don’t have a registration code or I’m a new student to Fusion?

You don’t need a registration. You can choose the option “I do not have a registration code (provided by my school).” Continue to fill out the remaining fields to set up your Parchment account.


My transcript “Waiting for me” isn’t up to date. Why?

The transcript through Parchment is not always the latest version of the student’s transcript. If the transcript is out of date and you’d like to see an updated version, you can “Order” another transcript to be sent to you. Or you can contact the Registrar Department at


How long does it take for my transcript order to be processed?

Transcript orders are typically processed within 24-48 hours. Please note that even after an order is processed, it may take additional time for the receiving institution to download and process your transcript in their own systems. For orders that are requesting a transcript to be mailed, please allow up to seven business days for delivery via USPS.


Can a Fusion campus administrator submit a request on my behalf?

Parchment provides an opportunity for a 3rd party to put in a request on the student’s behalf here. This might not be the best option as it requires a formal consent form to be uploaded each time. However, you can request a TM session with a Post-Secondary Counselor on your campus to walk through creating your account and how to request transcripts. If you have an urgent request or unique situation, your campus administrator can submit a request through our internal systems. Should you need additional assistance or questions regarding this you may also reach out to the Registrar Department at

Can I request a copy for my own records?

Yes, you may request a copy for your own records. When ordering, select the destination as “Yourself or Another Individual,” select “Electronic Delivery (Email),” and also check the box that says “I am sending this order to myself.”


The school I need to send my transcript to isn’t in the Parchment list, should I not use Parchment?

You can still use Parchment to send securely. You will need to choose the option at the bottom to say “Enter Your Own” If you aren’t finding your destination. Then choose whether you want the delivery to be 1.) Physical or 2.) Electronic. If it’s a physical address you will need to provide that and you will be charged for delivery. If you’d like to send it for free, you will want to choose “Electronic” as your delivery method and provide an email address. It’s important ask the receiving school what their preferred method is.


How long do I need to wait after my class is finished before I order a transcript that includes a grade for that course?

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks of processing time after your class has been completed for your grade to be posted to the transcript. You may submit a request at any time, but we may “Hold for Grades.” The Final Course Completion letter is a good indicator your transcript may be ready. For expedited requests, please communicate that to your Registrar directly. Families or school administration can email the Registrars at

If there is a timely emergency please call 616.301.1221 Ext. 3.


Will I be charged for my transcript order?

Current Fusion students: You can order an unlimited number of electronic transcripts for no charge. Fusion alumni: There is a surcharge for each transcript to be sent electronically or via mail. If current students or alumni request to have a hard copy sent to a mailing address, you will be charged a fee.


I ordered my transcript, but then I got an email saying it was on hold…why?

Your transcript could be on hold if:

  • There are course grades that we are waiting to finalize.
  • Or there is a balance on the account.

Please contact your campus directly if you have questions about the hold or you may email the Registrar Department at


Can I use Parchment to upload my transcripts to the Common Application or NCAA Eligibility Center?

Absolutely! When selecting a destination for your transcript order, simply search for Common App or NCAA and you will be able to send your transcript to them electronically through Parchment.