Bright and Confident Future

When their traditional school setting was causing more pain and frustration than the family could handle, they looked elsewhere and found Fusion. Read Toni's story below.

By Toni Vlaovich

Fusion Warner Center

Time with Fusion

Over five years

Why Fusion

Both of Toni's children struggled with learning challenges that weren't supported by their traditional school, leading to frustration for the whole family. She says "Fusion gave us our family back."

Learning Challenges and Family Frustration

Our son started attending Fusion Academy at the beginning of 6th grade. He's now a Junior in high school. Our daughter has been attending Fusion as well, first as a tutoring student, and now full time in high school. I think our years at Fusion, as well as the different experiences with both of our kids, has given me a lot of knowledge and insight about the benefits of Fusion.

We discovered when our son was in 1st grade that he has some learning challenges. Our daughter was in 3rd grade when we discovered her challenges. We experienced a lot of grief and frustration dealing with Special Ed teachers, IEP's, school meetings, etc. The frustration and low self-esteem had altered our son's personality, our daughter's sunny personality was changing, and our whole family life was being affected.

Change Your Future

Fusion gave us our family back. The one-on-one learning style, allowing a teacher to really get to know and understand the nuances of how an individual child learns, their unique interests and challenges, is phenomenal. Within a few short months at Fusion, we saw our children start to believe in themselves again.

Fusion goes beyond just the academics. The teachers and staff are committed to helping the whole child heal, regain their healthy self-esteem, and learn and take pride in their strengths. Without Fusion, I believe our son would have become a high school dropout because of the immense frustration he was experiencing in the classroom. He is now the family entrepreneur and already running his own business.

If you are a parent that's concerned about your child's performance in a "traditional" school setting, I urge you, as a parent that's been down that painful road, please consider Fusion. It can change your child's future from a frightening unknown to a bright and confident one. We are incredibly grateful to Fusion Academy.

91 %

of our students say their teachers listen to them and treat them with respect.

96 %

of our parents say that their child has positive relationships with their teachers.

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