180 Degree Life Turn

After a negative experience in her public school, Shery wanted a different path for her daughter. Read what their Fusion experience has been like below.

By Shery Rosenstein

Fusion Westchester

Why Fusion

Shery was looking for a different environment for her daughter after a negative public school experience. What she found at Fusion was an individualized education and consistent communication to her as a parent.

A Truly Individualized Experience

My daughter has done a complete 180 degree turn around after enrolling in Fusion Westchester a little over a year ago, after an extremely negative public school experience. There is such a wonderful support system in place at Fusion, comprised of administrators and teachers, who work tirelessly to ensure that my daughter is academic and socio-emotionally successful. The thoughtful daily summaries received from each teacher provide the necessary insight to keep parents well informed of their child's progress in each class.

At Fusion, teachers serve as mentors, which contributes significantly to students' overall success. Knowing that you are able to talk to your teacher about something that is not school related provides a necessary outlet for students to utilize when issues extending beyond the classroom are having a direct impact on the student's performance. Being able to work through these issues help the students get back to the task at hand, and focus on the school work that needs to be done.

It is especially unique and beneficial that my daughter is learning in a one-on-one classroom environment, from teachers who are well equipped to teach in the style that best speaks to the type of learner that she is. If she doesn't grasp a concept, more time will be spent on the topic at hand until it is clearly understood. At the same time, if something comes relatively easy to her, the teacher can move at a much quicker pace. Everything is individualized, which is the beauty of learning at Fusion!

Hope for the Future

Also, every student has one lead teacher who is in constant contact with each of the other teachers participating in that student's program, and who compiles a comprehensive summary for the parents at the end of each week. This is invaluable. Additionally, the administration promotes a strong sense of family, and that starts from the top down. They want to get to know each student along with his/her family, and they exude a strong feeling of warmth, care, and concern on campus.

Finally, my daughter left public high school not knowing if she would ever go to college, as the desire just wasn't there. Now, we have so many college tours scheduled and she is so excited about that next chapter in her life. I credit her experience at Fusion for this wonderful change and growth, and we feel so fortunate to have been told about Fusion Westchester. It truly is revolutionary and a phenomenal way for students to learn! How lucky we are to be part of this incredibly special community!

90 %

of parents think Fusion teachers are engaging in the classroom.

73 %

of parents say their child is more motivated to work toward their goals since coming to Fusion.

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