Unlocking the Limitless Potential in Every Student

Adolescence is a tumultuous time for students as they navigate the path to their future. At Fusion, we have designed our Limitless Succes Coaching to walk alongside students and help them realize their limitless potential. Students work one-to-one with a trained Success Coach on whatever that student needs. The process and sessions are completely customized for each student based on initial assessments and conversations.

One-to-One Support

Personalized Middle
and High School Coaching

Sessions are tailored for each individual student and use a strengths-based approach to achieving goals. Together with their coach, students will focus on areas related to behavior, vision, and mindset to break through barriers and reach their dreams.

While all coaching is personalized for each student, each session will have a similar structure that starts with a check-in, works through a tailored coaching curriculum, and ends with a debrief. The cycle of coaching will follow this rhythm:

Pre-Assess & Set Goals
The student’s baseline is established through a formative assessment and then goals are created.

Develop Targets
Learning targets are a breakdown of the goal, providing a vision and criteria for what the student needs to know and do to meet their goals.

Committed Coaching & Midpoint Check
The student and Coach remain committed to co-planning to ensure successful goal attainment. Goals are assessed and plans are adjusted if necessary.

Post-Assess & Reflection
The student’s progress toward learning targets is measured and the next steps are determined. New goals are established for the student’s next cycle of coaching.

Coaching Experience

Tools for Success

While working together, students and their coach will work through various topics based on personalized goals. Every student’s journey will be unique, but some common topics include:

  • Gratitude
  • Resilience
  • Stress
  • Leadership
  • Self-Awareness
  • Purpose
  • Networking
  • Time Management
  • Communication

A Word from Our CEO

Limitless Success Coaching is inspired in part by the book Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life by Peter Ruppert, CEO of Fusion Education Group. He wrote the book based on his experiences with success as well as failure and how it has shaped his life path.

His note to Limitless Success Coaching students: “Throughout your Success Coaching experience, I hope you remember that each one of us is born with a unique combination of talent, skills, and smarts that, when put to concerted use, can allow us to create the kind of limitless life we imagine. Every one of us has the potential to serve the world in our own unique way. No matter the situation, the frustrations, or the difficulties we’ve faced, it’s possible to overcome and pursue our dreams. It is our choice. It is up to us. We don’t have to just live from one day to the next. We can control our destiny and can progress toward creating the life we envision.

My hope is that Limitless Success Coaching inspires you to cast your own vision, follow your own dreams, and do the work to create your one extraordinary life.”

Preparing Students for a Bright Future

Fusion’s one-to-one approach has changed the lives of thousands of students and their families. This data is from parent and student surveys.

93% of Parents agree Fusion partners with them to help their student succeed
83% of parents agree that their child seems more confident since joining Fusion
86% of students feel the adults on campus really care about them

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