Collaborative Projects for Core Classes

Students participate in two discipline-specific group learning experiences each semester. They will work together on a common theme from different angles, preparing them for collaborative environments in their future.

Areas of Focus

Group project-based sessions encourage participation and support student development in the following areas:

  • Investigation
  • Becoming Researchers
  • Writing Like a Scholar
  • Finding Influence with Current Events
  • Developing Tools for Planning
See Examples

STEM and Humanities Focus

STEM groups will cover science and math courses and Humanities groups will cover English and social studies. Below are examples of areas of focus and the tasks for each core subject group.

Example Session:
Writing Like a Scholar


Exploration of survey results, lab outcomes, cool scientific innovations.


Review of editorials, interviews, human interest stories, creative writing pieces, arts & culture.

Example Session:


How can we cool down temperatures in cities?:

Students consider environmental factors and urban design to create a city that is cooler in the hot summer months.


Investigation of a historical mystery:

Students review personal accounts and artifacts (primary, secondary, and tertiary sources) and evaluate what they know to be true and how they know it?

Outcomes of Group Project-Based Learning

For all students, this group experience gives students space to engage in academic discussions and opportunities to apply their learning. Students will have a safe space to build peer relationships which they can further nurture in the Homework Café and during social activities on campus.

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