Customized Options & Academic Flexibility

Fusion Academy has always been able to offer customized options and academic flexibility because of our unique one-to-one instruction model. This is even more important as we navigate the 2020- 2021 school year in the wake of COVID-19. See below for how we can support your child and family.

When COVID-19 hit we were uniquely positioned to move our one-to-one education fully virtual. We had already been doing online classes for a couple of years and had the technology logistics figured out. We seamlessly moved to 100% virtual instruction and our families experienced the stability they so desperately needed at the time.

As we move into planning for the fall term, things are still ever-changing. What doesn’t change is our commitment to our students. We can offer our personalized one-to-one education in-person, online, or in a hybrid of both. Our campus, regional, and national teams are working through all the details of a return-to-campus plan that take state and county guidelines into consideration.

We also can take your preferences into account. If your area allows in-person learning and you’d prefer to keep your child learning virtually, we can accommodate. Your child’s safety, and the safety of our staff, is our top concern.

Read a letter from our President and Chief Operations Officer, Jeff Poole, and find updates on our COVID-19 planning and response by clicking here.

Customization has been part of Fusion’s program since its inception. Our one-to-one model allows us to customize schedules, instruction, and pacing.

When you first meet with the Head of School during the admissions process, you’ll discuss your hopes and goals for your child. Upon enrollment we typically provide two assessments (MAP and Mindprint) that help us better understand academic levels and learning styles. Using all this information we create a Formal Education Plan (FEP). The FEP is used for the entirety of the students’ time at Fusion and evolves with them as goals change. This document, along with positive, personal relationships, help teachers customize for their student.

After enrolling you’ll meet with the Director of Student Development. Together you’ll build a schedule that is customized for your child. From time of day, to number of classes a week, we have flexibility. As long as teachers are available to teach the subject, we can offer the class during the time best for your child.

What is the best source of information about my school’s return-to-campus plan?

Connecting with your campus directly. They will have the most up-to-date information based on state and local regulations as well as our national plans. If you’re not enrolled at a campus yet but would like to know what your local school is planning, find your campus here.

How will you provide stability for my child in this ever-changing situation?

We can personalize your child’s school experience this year with our ability to quickly switch between or combine in-person learning and live, one-to-one online classes. Being one-to-one your student’s teachers can also support as a mentor to check in and see how they are dealing with all the changes.

If schools return to in-person learning but I want to keep my child home, is that an option?

Yes. We’re able to be flexible with our one-to-one classes and will work with you to accommodate your preferences.

Can we try one class while still attending our current school?

Absolutely. We offer classes for credit, tutoring/mentoring, test prep, post-secondary counseling, and more as part of our part-time programming. Click here to learn more about our part-time options and request more information.

I’ve decided to homeschool my child, can you offer support?

Yes. Many homeschooling families supplement their curriculum with our classes for credit. Popular options include lab sciences, languages, art, music, and higher-level math classes.

If my child’s school changes their plan halfway through the semester and I want to switch schools can I still enroll at Fusion?

We offer rolling enrollment so students can start at any time of the year or semester. We’ll work with you to get your child back on track to achieve their learning goals.

I’m concerned about learning gaps from the spring term. How would you help my child?

We’d personalize a plan that would address their specific gaps which could include tutoring/mentoring and/or classes for credit.

Are you still grading? My child’s school is currently pass/fail and I’m worried about their transcript.

Yes, we are still awarding grades.

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