Anisha Bowman


Anisha P Bowman engages students by relating scientific and mathematical concepts to their everyday life.  She studied chemistry at Morgan State University for two years and transferred to Temple University. At Temple University she earned a Bachelor of Science degree. After moving to Los Angeles, CA from Philadelphia, PA, she earned a diploma at the School of Biblical Instruction in Pastoral Ministry.

While in Philadelphia, she worked as a Forensic Chemist for the Philadelphia Police Department. As a trained forensic chemist, she is a certified expert witness in Federal court and has received training for by the DEA laboratories. She always knew teaching was in her future. Early in her forensic career, she realized that being in a laboratory was not a fulfilling experience. She was reminded of the joy she had while teaching 8th grade science, her first year out of college.

When she moved to Los Angeles, she spent several years in the entertainment industry before returning to the classroom. She is not only a teacher at Fusion, but she also teacher at her church. Through working with children, she saw a need for children to learn outside of the classroom and have an alternative pathway to success outside of the college and university system. Anisha began a non-profit organization designed to give children and opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the importance of bringing the community together.

Anisha spends her free time relaxing and being quiet. She has a busy schedule so rest and regrouping are essential.