Vahram Keosian


Vahram “VJ” serves Fusion Academy as a Humanities Teacher/Mentor. He graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Communications. He then received his General Teaching Credential from Antioch University in Santa Barbara and his Education Specialist Credential from Saint Mary’s College of California. One of the most notable events in his prior graduate school experience was when he was invited back to the alumni panel of Antioch University to interview teacher candidates for the upcoming school year. Prior to joining Fusion VJ worked as a Special Education teacher at a specialized Autism educational center instructing students from 4th-6th grade. As the Special Education teacher he created and implemented curriculum, tracked student progress per their individualized education plan (IEP), and implemented behavioral intervention strategies specific to each student’s needs. In his four years working at the Autism educational center, VJ became skilled at reviewing material that needed to be modified in order to give his students the best chance at accessing the curriculum. He also ran an after school sports club for interested students in order to promote healthy living because he loves sports and exercise!

In his free time VJ enjoys going on hikes, paddle boarding or taking his camera on landscape photography journeys all across the west coast. One fun fact about VJ is that he’s competed in five Spartan races and is aiming to complete the Spartan Trifecta where he will run three different races, one of which will be the length of a half-marathon with over thirty-five different obstacles!