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Every student learns so differently. Traditional schools teach them all the same. At Fusion Academy, we design the entire school experience around your unique student and how they learn best. Fusion Walnut Creek Downtown offers accelerated pathways for self-directed and independent learners. These programs help students maximize their academic potential and prepare for success in college and beyond.


Just one student and one teacher per class working together in real-time, either in-person or virtually.

Small Group

In-person or virtual group classes consist of 3-5 students and include a balance of individualization and peer learning.


Self-directed (asynchronous) digital learning sessions with personalized support preparing students to be independent digital scholars and life-long learners.

Why More Families Choose Fusion Walnut Creek Downtown

1-to-1 Education

One student and one teacher per class, working together at your student’s pace.

Customized Schedule

A school schedule that actually fits your family’s busy lifestyle.

Daily Feedback

Progress reports from each of your student’s instructors, every school day.

College Preparation

Fusion prepares students to confidently step into their post-secondary plans, whatever they may be.

Campus Information

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 6:30pm

Our nearby expanded campus option in Walnut Creek offers additional learning opportunities including full music, art, and yoga/PE studios.

20% off Summer Classes in Downtown Walnut Creek

Personalized learning is the perfect match for catching up and getting ahead this summer. Classes for Credit are 20% off regular tuition, and tutoring, test prep, and college counseling are also available.

Start Building Your Summer

Attending Fusion Walnut Creek Downtown Full Time

Fusion Academy is a fully accredited middle and high school. Our 1-to-1 instructional model is the perfect way to help your student maximize their academic potential, all while experiencing the social and peer collaboration benefits of our Homework Café and other social clubs and activities. 

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Part-Time Program Options

Classes for Credit

Students can choose from 250+ classes to take for credit in our 1-to-1 learning environment. This is a great way to catch up or remediate lost credits or take a tough class in a more personalized environment. 

Tutoring & Mentoring

For students who need additional support in a particular subject, our world-class instructors can help them succeed. 

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College & Post-Secondary Preparation

We offer 1-to-1 post-secondary counseling sessions to set the stage for a future full of possibilities. We help your student explore and get excited about their post-Fusion academic options. Together we design a personalized learning plan that also serves as the path to their dream college and future. 

Hear Directly From Families

Personalization Without Sacrificing Socialization

Our campus is a connected community where students experience so much more than their 1-to-1 classroom time.

Campus Activities and Clubs

Staff and students collaborate to create inclusive experiences based on our student interests. 

Social Events

Students have full access to field trips, service activities, prom, and more! 

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Expanded Campus Offerings: Fusion Walnut Creek

Our nearby expanded campus option in Walnut Creek offers additional learning opportunities including full music, art, and yoga/PE studios. 

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Fusion Academy is Accredited

Fusion Academy Walnut Creek Downtown is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

Accreditation validates our unique education model and measures it against standards of educational quality. The recognition also enables a smooth transition for students seeking educational opportunities after their time at Fusion.

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