Vosgan Mekhitarian

Head of School

Vosgan has spent the past 10 years working in education, committed not only to helping students grow academically, but to grow as human beings as well. He has worked as a teacher, an academic advisor and an administrator at the high school and post-secondary levels, as well as in adult education. He started his career at Fusion Huntington Beach in 2012 as a Recording Arts and Humanities teacher. He transitioned to Master Teacher in 2014 to help open the Miracle Mile campus and served as Assistant Director there until 2017. Currently, as Head of School at South Bay, Vosgan is committed to leading an amazing team of dedicated teachers and administrators to excellence as they serve our students and their families. Vosgan enjoys making music, reading about religion and physics, cooking and subsequently eating. He most enjoys helping others and laughing with them.