Ambrosia ZeroOne



Ambrosia majored in Spanish and minored in Biology at California State University Channel Islands, and completed her California Teaching Credential at California State University.


Ambrosia has worked in California and Alaska public schools as a high school and middle school teacher for over ten years, and in Graphic Design for fifteen years. Her personal artwork has grown from a lifelong side interest and hobby into a passion and career focus in recent years, and she is proud to teach Art at Fusion.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Ambrosia is an avid reader or science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, and non-fiction -- including scientific white papers for fun. At age 15, she read 350 books in a single year.
  • She enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, non-violent video games, cooking, singing, languages, etymology, and of course creating all kinds of art.
  • Ambrosia loves the chance to practice foreign languages, and aspires to continue visiting electronic music festivals and obscure restaurants around the world.