Trinity Murchie



Trinity graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sierra Nevada University, holds a certificate in Alternative Investments from Harvard Business School Online, and has several completed courses in Early Childhood Education/Developmental Psychology. She has most recently completed certification in ABA therapy to become an RBT, holds multiple certifications in Leadership (Interdependent and Experiential) and dreams of eventually holding a higher education degree in Developmental Psychology.


Trinity has always wanted to work in education and began volunteering for a summer arts camp in her early 20's. Life took her to experience professional development in Agriculture, first, where she helped to develop her own vision of a summer camp program. After years of agriculture work, she broke into the education field through a Montessori preschool, where she learned that she really wanted to work more closely with students who need extra attention for their educational success, eventually leading her to work with Fusion Academy.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to write and runs a personal travel blog ( originally brought to AZ for a paid writing project!
  • Is a passionate Home Chef (her roommates, family, and friends happily benefit from this!)
  • Frequents Gem shows, Haunted Hotels, Ghost Towns, and Abandoned places.