Kristin Schneider

Yoga Teacher

Kristin Schneider, an E-RYT certified yoga instructor and a Youth Services Director, graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in Family Studies and Human Development and a minor in counseling. Within a year and a half of graduating, Kristin started her professional career at Gainey Village Health Club and Spa as the Youth Services Director. As a director, her responsibilities include managing a staff of 14 -25 employees that care for kids from 2 months of age to 12 years. In addition to the day to day responsibilities in the kid’s club that she manages, she also puts on numerous kid’s events, monthly programs, and a ten-week long summer camp program. Kristin recently celebrated 14 years with The Village Health Clubs and is truly living her passion for working with children of all ages. She finds immense joy in playing an instrumental part in each child’s welfare, health, and education. Kristin has a strong belief in the power of connection, and because of that will continue to discover ways to personally connect with each child she has the pleasure of working with.

Shortly after starting her professional career in 2006, Kristin fell in love with yoga after taking her first class in 2008.  Being an athlete and dedicated to sports throughout her life as well as different types of training systems, yoga was not something she had considered to be apart of her fitness routine. After taking only a few classes, she began to discover how much this practice changed not only her physical body, but her way of thinking, her way of being, and ultimately, she began to open to her life in more ways than she imagined. She didn't know it then but incorporating a daily yoga practice would become the most pivotal shift in her life. Kristin was drawn to the way it healed and stretched her body, but more importantly how it calmed her mind. After diving herself into the Ashtanga yoga method, studying with various instructors, attending out of state workshops and training's for two straight years, she decided to attend teacher training. In 2010 Kristin completed her RYT-200 and since has logged thousands of teaching hours over the last nine years. Over the course of her teaching career she has completed numerous training's towards her continuing education.  Kristin has always considered herself to be a student first and foremost, as this practice of yoga continues to change, transform, and enhance her life.

Kristin is an avid traveler and her need to be in nature, has her traveling to her favorite destination quite often, Telluride, Colorado. She loves spending time with her family, her husband and their four dogs.

Kristin’s greatest two passions of working with children and teaching yoga have become the foundation of who she is. Her drive to be a lifelong student and learner in both professions, will only prove to evolve her own teachings in the future.