Fusion Open House!

Date & Time

Tuesday, April 12

3:00pm - 4:00pm PST



We are the leader in relationship-based learning. At Fusion, you won’t find large classrooms filled with rows. Instead, you will find relationships. At our campus, we offer Fusion’s Flex Learning Model. We blend the three most powerful learning relationships into one, engaging student experience. For each class, students are matched with a 1:1 teacher/mentor, small peer groups, and the latest learning technology. Students develop learning relationships with teachers/adults, peers, and themselves.

As a result, our students are known, seen, and belong. They build confidence, and they excel. Join us for our Open House and learn more about our revolutionary model. You’ll get to meet our administrators and ask any questions you have about Fusion’s unique learning model.

Event Location


A link will be emailed to the RSVP list prior to the event date.