Fusion EmpowerED! ADHD and Strategies for Management of Adolescents at Home and School by the Lifespan Development Center

Date & Time

Friday, February 17

9:30am - 11:00am PST



Presentation and Q&A with Doctors Roland Rotz and Amanda Carter of the Lifespan Development Center.

In this presentation we will discuss varying presentations of ADHD in adolescents and what students need at home and in the classroom. We aim to provide a deeper understanding of this commonly misunderstood diagnosis and to provide families with some helpful strategies to support the success of their children with ADHD or attention deficits.

Dr. Roland Rotz: licensed child and adult psychologist, director of the Lifespan Development Center and nationally recognized expert on ADHD.

Dr. Amanda Carter: post-doctoral registered psychological associate to Dr. Rotz.

This event is open to our school community, the general public and interested professionals.

Fusion EmpowereED! Flyer

Event Location

Fusion Academy Santa Barbara

510 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101