Mike Kidwell

Department Head

M.Ed, California Professional Engineer's License in Mechanical Engineering


Mike Kidwell graduated with: a Masters in Education from National University; a Masters in Business from University of California, Ivine; and a double major in Engineering from Webb Institute in New York. He holds a Professional Engineers License from the State of California in Engineering. He holds fully cleared teaching credentials from the state of California in both Math and Science for Middle School through High School. His High School Science credentials span Biology, Chemistry and Physics. His High School Math Credentials span from Pre-Algebra all the way through Calculus.


Mike has taught Middle School through High School in Math and Science from 6th grade through 12th grade since 2006. Mike joined Fusion San Mateo in August 2011 and has helped many different students build their skills in Math and Science, through an empathy-based approach to learning, that takes students from where they are at that moment. He helps students expand their skills and fulfill their potential.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Mike enjoys learning new songs to play on acoustic guitar.
  • Mike has two dogs named Peanut and Butter.
  • Mike likes to walk or hike the neighborhoods around home or around Fusion every day.