Jenna Malan



I graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal (South Africa) in 2012 with a Bachelor's in English Studies and Media & Cultural Studies (double major). I then did a 140 TEFL course which allowed me to become an ESL teacher in South Korea.


From 2014 to 2021 I was a Guest English Teacher at public schools in South Korea. These included elementary schools, middle schools, afterschool high school programs as well as an English camp center. In mid 2021 I left the public school system and started my own business as a private ESL teacher where I taught English to students of all ages directly at their houses as well as working part-time as a private kindergarten English teacher. In September 2023 my husband and I moved to California and since then I have been working as a barn manager at the Horse Park in Woodside where I looked after and helped train/ride a barn of 26 horses.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • I love horses and horseback riding! I have been riding horses since I was 7 years old and since I cannot afford my own horse as an adult, I do my best to work/volunteer at different barns so that I can be around horses and get as many horsey cuddles as possible.
  • I also enjoy playing computer games, cooking and reading fantasy novels.