Nick Jerrard


B.S. in Biology, Doctor of Medicine


Nick graduated from Loyola University, Maryland with a BS in Biology. After earning an MD from the University of Maryland Medical School, he completed a residency in Pediatrics at Brown University. More recently, Nick completed a 2-year post-baccalaureate certificate program in teaching Biology to secondary students for STEM professionals entering teaching at Millersburg University, Pennsylvania.


Nick started teaching over 10 years ago at Bangkok Christian College, a boys’ prep school in Thailand, where he spent 2 years, first as the Chemistry and then the Biology instructor. Returning to the US, Nick taught Anatomy & Physiology at several community colleges in both Pennsylvania and the Bay Area. For the last three years, Nick has taught Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science, and Middle School Science, as well as Art, at Fusion Academy in San Mateo.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • In addition to being a Biology major in college, Nick minored in Studio Art, taking classes in drawing, sculpture, painting, and ceramics.
  • After leaving Thailand, Nick spent several years living in Korea. In the autumn he loved hiking in the mountains surrounding Seoul and taking frequent kimchijeon and makgeolli breaks.
  • Nick is a dedicated plant dad who fills his space on campus with as many plants (and few members of the other kingdoms of life) as possible.