Jody Pellegrini

Director of Admissions


I earned my BA in Communication Studies from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and my Early Childhood Teaching Credential from The Montessori Teacher Education Center in Sunnyvale, CA.


I worked as an Advertising Executive for two amazing Bay Area staple radio stations, KKSF-103.7 and Alice 97.3. After radio, I worked for couple brilliant Silicon Valley Start-Up’s selling innovative Digital Media to Advertisers and Advertising Agencies across the country. After having my son, I started realizing I had a passion for education, so I earned my Early Childhood Teaching Credential and spent the last 6 years at The Montessori School of Linda Mar in Pacifica, CA. Wanting to stay in education, but also needing more adult interaction in my life, I found the perfect balance at Fusion Academy.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • I love spending time playing with my 8-year-old son and 3-year-old dictator, err, I mean daughter. We love making up silly games like “Fire Breathing Mommy Dragon”, “Can’t Catch Me I’m the Mommy Bread Man”, “How Fast Can You Clean Your Room”, and a true family favorite, “Who Can Match the Most Socks”.
  • I also enjoy practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu and I recently earned my first stripe.
  • I also love hosting parties, especially ones with karaoke!