Growing up in Shanghai, Yanping loved its fast-paced vibe, and when she moved to Colorado for graduate school, she learned to appreciate more of nature and the interactions between humans and nature. “I came from China,” Yanping says, “which is a country that is still developing in terms of gender equality and human rights in general, so as a woman I am very aware of issues in that aspect and I always do things to foster development in that aspect.” Along with a friend, she organized donations of books to girls in rural China who might not have access to educational opportunities.


Yanping has enjoyed Fusion’s 1:1 model of education for this ability to give students the attention they need and to “teach at a desirable pace that works most ideally for the student.” When teaching Mandarin, Yanping hopes to foster understanding and “show students that there are other ways of life and thinking in the world. That you don’t have to agree, but that there are different ways that are not necessarily superior or inferior.” She believes that “language is so much more than words or phrases. Part of the word gives away what the word means. The word “wife” means woman holding the broom. I want to use the language in a way to remind what generations of women have gone through. That’s how women have been written. We can reflect on it and do things to make the current scenario better.” Bringing this cultural worldview and wealth of knowledge about language to the classroom, Yanping paces her classes to meet student needs. Yanping likes to make class fun, break down hard knowledge into smaller parts, and acknowledge achievement. She strives to “let students know that whatever is coming is manageable. As a teacher you always want to deliver optimal results. That’s the most beautiful part of Fusion. The pace allows teachers to do that.”   


Educational Background: M.A. University of Colorado- Boulder. Ph.D. East Asian Literature and Culture Stanford University (In progress)  


Hobbies: Running, watching movies.  


Favorite Book This Year: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante 


Learned During Quarantine: To appreciate what is around you. Having lots of talks, appreciating what we have, quarantine makes you reflect on what you have. That’s the bright side of staying home.