Irene Moore

English Teacher/Mentor

Irene is an English and History Teacher/Mentor at Fusion. After growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Irene found her way out to Southern California by attending the University of San Diego, where she majored in English.  Seeking the cooler climes of the Bay Area, Irene moved to San Francisco, where she has taught and tutored all levels of English, Writing and ESL in diverse environments. Irene also holds a Master’s degree in Education from Stanford, where her research focus was academic College Readiness. In addition to teaching, Irene has developed curricula for educational organizations, ranging from an e-learning company in Silicon Valley to a network of charter schools in West Africa.

Irene enjoys the creativity of customizing her English/History curriculum to meet each student’s interests and academic needs. She loves the moments when students make connections between the subject matter, their personal lives, and the world at large. When not teaching, Irene can be found hiking or biking with her family, catching up on a good book or movie, or organizing literacy events at her son’s school.