Andrew Johnson


He grew up in the small dairy town in the Central Valley of California and was always curious about the history of the world and the things around him. After completing his Masters at San Francisco State University, he decided to return to the teaching career he began as an undergraduate student at the University of the Pacific. As a student with ADHD, he quickly learned the importance of focusing on student’s differing needs based on the broad spectrum of how we all learn.

Before coming to Fusion, he was a research assistant at SFSU, a Community Tutor and Fellowship Researcher at UOP, and a Student Teacher in Stockton. Hoping to hit the ground running at Fusion, he is excited to begin engaging with students and creating novel classroom experiences tooled to the individual needs of learners. He will be able to use the flexibility of Fusions structure to develop lessons that allow students to pursue what they want to know within larger historical subject matters.

Educational Background: BA History with a Minor in Teaching Professions at the University of Pacific, Teaching Credential at University of Pacific, MA History at San Francisco State

Hobbies: Political Redistricting, Colored pencil artwork, fiction writing, gardening, exploring Oakland, collecting building models

Cool History Fact: The Embarcadero did not exist three hundred years ago, in fact it was underwater. The city built a seawall, which the street itself follows, and filled in the area to expand the city’s size.

Favorite Historical Figures: Joan of Arc and Jose Sarria

Favorite Book this Year: American Babylon by Robert O Self

Learned During Quarantine: I can’t cook.