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Every student is so different. But traditional schools treat them all the same. Fusion Academy’s 1-to-1 classes put your student at the center of their learning experience. They’ll develop the confidence and independence required for college and career success – all to ensure they reach their limitless potential.

Proudly Offering Our Flex Learning Model:

Fusion San Antonio offers a customized mix of 1-to-1 instruction, asynchronous digital learning, and group project-based experiences. Our agile learning model flexes to the needs of your student. They are also paired with a Success Coach to mentor and guide their Fusion journey. Students who thrive in our Flex Learning Model are self-driven learners, are currently learning at or above their grade level, and enjoy a balance of independent and group work. In-person, online, and hybrid options are available to create your student’s optimal learning environment.

Flex Learning Model:
A Customized Mix of Three Learning Modalities


One-to-one instruction means one student and one teacher per classroom with different subject matter experts for each class. In this format, students fully engage, gain skills, and build confidence.

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Asynchronous Digital

Teachers personalize each class to include self-paced digital learning models for their students. These self-guided sessions prepare students to be independent digital scholars and life-long learners.

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Group Project-Based

Students work together in a series of hands-on workshops where they apply classroom skills to real-world projects. Here they explore humanities and STEM fields, learn together, and form friendships.

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Campus Information

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Friday: 7:30am - 5:00pm

Attending Fusion San Antonio Full Time

Fusion Academy is a fully accredited middle and high school. Our one-to-one instructional model is the perfect way to help your student maximize their academic potential, all while experiencing the social and peer collaboration benefits of our Homework Café and other social clubs and activities. 

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Part-Time Program Options

Classes for Credit

Students can choose from 250+ classes to take for credit in our 1-to-1 learning environment. This is a great way to catch up or remediate lost credits or take a tough class in a more personalized environment. 

Tutoring & Mentoring

For students who need additional support in a particular subject, our world-class instructors can help them succeed. 

College & Post-Secondary Counseling

We offer 1-to-1 post-secondary counseling sessions to help students prepare for life after Fusion. Our counselors can assist with college applications, essay writing, exploring gap year programs, and more! 

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Limitless Success Coaching

Each Fusion San Antonio student will be paired with a trained Success Coach to help them realize their potential and reach new goals.

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Hear Directly From Families

Personalization Without Sacrificing Socialization

Our campus is a connected community where students experience so much more than their 1-to-1 classroom time.

Campus Activities and Clubs

Staff and students collaborate to create inclusive experiences based on our student interests. 

Social Events

Students have full access to field trips, service activities, prom, and more! 

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Fusion Academy is Accredited

Fusion Academy San Antonio is accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED) which includes SACS CASI (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement).

Accreditation validates our unique education model and measures it against standards of educational quality. The recognition also enables a smooth transition for students seeking educational opportunities after their time at Fusion.

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