Anthony Gartland


BA in History/English


Anthony graduated from Temple University with a major in history and a minor in English. During his time as a student, he published an undergraduate thesis on the historiography of the Pyrrhic War, but he loves all periods and locales of world history. Anthony hopes to eventually move on to postgraduate education!


Anthony mostly worked the odd part-time job as he moved around to finish his education. He was a manager at a cleaning company, a warehouse worker for HVAC and a McDonalds drive-thru employee, among many other things. His most valued experience was as a history tutor at Temple University.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • He has put hundreds of hours of research into reenacting a Soviet infantryman from the second world war.
  • He used to do competitive fencing, and still practice from time to time.
  • Anthony loves playing video games; his favorites are Library of Ruina, Warcraft III and Final Fantasy XIV.