Tonya Beauchaine

Director of First Impressions



Tonya grew up in the southwest, where she attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and earned a bachelor of arts in Communication with a minor in Business. She has always been passionate about helping people find their authentic health, so she decided to relocate to Raleigh to pursue a master of science degree in Nutrition at Meredith College. While in school, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy where she learned about Mediterranean cuisine and gastronomy. She taught Health to junior high and high school students for several years and taught Nutrition at a culinary school.


Tonya Beauchaine has worked in education for over ten years, gaining experience in administrative support and teaching. As a seasoned office administrator, she is passionate about helping students and families feel comfortable and welcomed to the school while providing assistance to administrators and teachers.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Making new recipes
  • Hiking and exploring nature
  • Attending concerts