Cody Bobbitt

History and English Teacher/Mentor

Cody is a native Houstonian who after high school,  wanted a new experience and  found it in Austin, Texas, graduating from The University of Texas  at Austin with a dual major in history and sociology. He was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and loved local Austin haunts such as the Spider House Café, Alamo Drafthouse, and I [Heart] Video where he would talk writing and bad movies.

While in Austin, Cody picked up some new hobbies, including SCUBA diving and an itch for international travel.  This began with Mexico on a trip with his dad and later  to Costa Rica. By then Cody had decided he wanted to live abroad . . . full-time.  He set out getting his TEFL certificate and talking to people about living in Asia.

In time, Cody was ready to pack up and leave, initially to Korea.  He sold everything worth selling, gave away the rest and was on a plane 10 days later.  A few years in Korea teaching various things led to him to go to China to teach the SAT and IELTS tests, and meet his wife.  Eventually he settled in Taiwan, teaching in cooperation with the Taiwanese government.  He had intended to stay there until he was thrown a curveball  in 2020.  Now, Cody is happily back in Texas and still settling in.

When not teaching or studying, Cody loves the outdoors, water skiing, fishing, hunting, watching terrible horror films, and catching up with his American friends and family he’s been away from for too long.