Raymond Clyne

Homework Cafe & Japanese Teacher/Mentor

Ray Clyne teaches Japanese at Fusion Academy. He earned his BA in Japanese at The College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. Despite first picking up Japanese as college sophomore, he has achieved native fluency in Japanese. While enrolled in college, Ray worked as an Assistant Teacher of Japanese for the Head of the Japanese Department. He spent a semester abroad in Osaka, the second biggest prefecture of Japan, to fulfill both his interest in language and his college major. Ray is enthralled by all that is Japanese, especially in linguistic and cultural aspects. He hopes to soon go to Japan again, for more opportunities to connect with the native Japanese community and to immerse himself in the culture.

In his free time, Ray enjoys playing tennis and video games, but mainly loves practicing Japanese through reading Japanese books and watching Japanese anime/drama. When he’s not at Fusion, you may find him traveling to New York in search of more Japanese materials to fuel his passion for the language.