Max Davenport


A graduate of the Kubert School, Max Davenport is an illustrator and storyteller working all kinds of freelance art jobs in the greater New York area. From comics to portraits, traditional mediums to digital mediums, graphic design to fantasy illustration, tattoos and really big murals, Max has been growing and refining all aspects of his craft so he can bring every kind of crazy idea to life. After four years working with a small studio creating a monthly comic in addition to his freelance work, he now offers his art students at the Fusion Academy access to all the tools they'll need to learn how to creatively realize their own artistic goals and maybe even tell some stories of their own.

With a passion for comics-- and although that is where a majority of his training is-- Max's interests extend well beyond making narrative art, because there are all kinds of ways to tell stories, and all kinds of stories to explore. Running, diet, and exercise are an important part of his own story, and when he gets a moment to breath he likes to practice guitar, cook for his girlfriend, and consume what never seems to be enough movies, video games, comic books, and podcasts. In a surprise twist of fate, he discovered he actually kind of likes taking care of plants, and actually kind of doesn't like Comic Con. He still goes to Comic Con.