Beth Kreitzer



Beth has degrees from Stanford and Duke Universities.


Beth taught at several colleges for two decades before joining Fusion. She has published books and articles and given lectures in her field of study, Late Medieval and Early Modern European History, focusing on the Reformation. She has taught at Fusion since 2019, and has also served as the Director of First Impressions at the South Bay campus in Hermosa Beach, California.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Beth's favorite hobby is singing in a choir, and she even arranged a piece of Renaissance music for her choir back in North Carolina to sing. Renaissance polyphony is the best!
  • While it's a cliche to say "takes long walks on the beach," long walks are her favorite form of exercise.
  • Baking, particularly baking bread with whole grains, is Beth's other favorite activity. Unless you count eating the bread. That's even better.