Elizabeth (Beth) Touchette

Science Teacher/Mentor

Beth went to high school in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She obtained her BA in Biological Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley, writing her senior thesis on the benthic invertebrates of San Pablo Bay. She has always loved teaching, and went on to get her science teaching credentials and Masters of Education at Stanford University.  She has worked at public and private high schools in Marin and San Francisco.

She is married, and has two children.  Despite her parent’s continuous efforts to get her to move her family back to Colorado, she has stayed in California, but regularly visits the Rocky Mountains, often via the lonesome highways of Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada.

She loves writing personal essays, especially about her family and nature, and her work has appeared in KQED Perspectives, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Bark Magazine.

She loves getting to know her students through Fusion’s unique one on one format.

When she is not teaching, Beth is hiking, biking, or kayaking. With her new empty nest, she is taking more field science classes, volunteering at the Marine Mammal Center, and trying not to call or text her kids too often.