Nciole Yu


Nicole Yu has always been captivated by the mysteries of science. Upon entering college, despite being accepted into a nursing program, she instead followed her passion of Biology and Chemistry. This change provided her with the opportunities to participate in several research internships that further cultivated her understanding of science and how it impacted the world around us. After graduating Hunter College with a B.A. in Biochemistry, Nicole started her teaching career at Manhattan College as an instructor for General Chemistry Labs. After seeing how more students each semester showed a lack of interest in science due to the difficulties they experienced in high school and middle school, Nicole wanted to inspire students about the wonders of this subject. Not to necessarily to make more scientists, but to have more informed students by providing them a fundamental experience as many things we use and do is the result of science. Nicole does expect to pursue her PhD in Biochemistry as it is her philosophy that one can never stop learning or becoming better. In her free time, Nicole enjoys experiencing and learning new things. Though she has not perfected it, Nicole has managed to learn and speak 3 different languages apart from English.

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