Matthew Minnicino



Matt received a BA in English and Theatre Studies from the University of Virginia, as well as an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University.


Matt has worked as a teacher in NYC and Virginia for more than a decade, previously working with Winsgpan Arts to teach elementary/middle schoolers, Community Impact to teach ESL/GED classes to adults, and has been a theatre teacher for the American Shakespeare Center for 9 summers. He has also taught Playwriting and Theatre Studies at an Undergrad and Graduate Level. He is, in fact, a freelance writer of plays, essays, and film.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Matt was a classical violinist for most of his childhood (1st Chair of the 2nd Violins in the Loudoun Youth Symphony Orchestra) but is woefully out of practice.
  • Though he doesn't know too many celebrities, his parents met Yoko Ono, his mom babysat for the lead singer of Steely Dan, and his dad was college roommates with the guy who wrote "Brandy (She's a Fine Girl)"
  • Matt enjoys D&D, getting lost in a bookstore, and afternoon naps.