Kristen Coyne

Head of School


She earned her Bachelor’s degree in both History and Education at Rowan University. She then received her Master’s degree to become a Licensed School Counselor.


Kristen has been working in education for 7 years as a school counselor, educator, and school administrator.

Kristen began her Fusion journey at the Princeton campus in 2015. She was hired as the Post-Secondary Counselor on staff, where she supported students in the navigation of life after high school and also provided socio-emotional support on campus. While at Princeton, she was also a Department Head, the Homework Café Director, and a dedicated teacher.

Kristen then became a Head of School in Training and supported the development of the Philadelphia region. She played a key role in admissions, outreach, staff training, campus development, enrollment growth, and student support to the new schools. Kristen served as Interim Head of School for the launch phase of the Cherry Hill campus. She then took on the role of Assistant Director, where she ensured the academic integrity of the Cherry Hill program and worked to develop a dynamic culture with her team. Kristen also served as temporary Director of Student Development and owned the creation of the academic journey for each student at the Cherry Hill campus.

Kristen is thrilled to be bringing her experience and high energy to Fusion Academy Malvern. She could not be more excited to continue her commitment to Fusion, share her love of education, and to further develop this incredible model!

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Most of Kristen’s free time is spent with her loved ones!
  • She enjoys whipping up new recipes and could spend an entire day creating in the kitchen.
  • She is a lifelong learner that loves to immerse herself in a great book, movie, or series.
  • Kristen could get lost in the exploration of a new city and is fascinated by catastrophic weather!