Brett Durham


MAEd in Art Education


Brett Durham graduated from Augusta University with a BA in Art. He primarily concentrated in painting and drawing in his undergraduate work. Brett went on to receive an MAEd in Art Education from East Carolina University. His other relevant educational experience includes, AP Certification for Drawing and Painting Portfolio by College Board of North Carolina, and numerous continuing studies in education courses taken at UNC Chapel Hill.


Brett Durham worked as an Art Teacher in North Carolina for 12 years. During that time Brett provided standards-based arts instruction and created testing/grading materials for sixth through twelfth grade students. He developed curriculum for History of Western Art, including cultural relationships/influences content. Brett often worked with fellow teachers on cross-curricular projects for English and social studies classes. He also served as advisor for seventh to ninth grade students, including mentoring, evaluating, and coaching on specific behavioral and academic issues as well as mediating disputes. Brett instructed curriculum for high school Studio Arts, including painting (acrylics/watercolors), drawing (charcoal, pencil, and ink), and ceramics. He taught Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Arts with focus on painting and drawing; assisted students in submitting art portfolios and slide sets to the AP College Board at the end of each school year. Also during his time teaching he hosted professional artists-in-residence sessions to demonstrate art expertise to high school students and instructed middle and high school students in afterschool art/mural classes.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Enjoys composing music and performing them with other musicians
  • Can cook a wide variety International dishes
  • Loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two children