Adria Bickel

Director of Student Development

Adria is happy to be able combine her education, experience, and interests toward working with children at Fusion Academy. In the role of Director of Student Development, she assists new students and families in planning their educational journey. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in School Counseling earned through West Chester University. Adria is also Pennsylvania state certified as a school counselor for grades K through 12.

Adria began her post graduate career working as a Residential Counselor at an Approved Private School for students with learning and behavioral issues. She quickly moved up to Senior Residential Counselor which incorporated administrative duties such as supervision and scheduling. After a change in service offerings at the school, Adria transitioned into the daytime role of Behavior Support Consultant. She worked collaboratively with her team to ensure safety on the campus and to teach the students skills they would need in crisis situations. It was during this time that Adria began to study school counseling. One year after earning her Master’s degree, she moved to the Admissions Coordinator role an Approved Private School for students with emotional disabilities and Autism diagnoses. She spent 4 years developing the admissions process in response to the needs of the community, while collaborating and communicating with all departments of the school. She remains a member of the Pennsylvania School Counselor Association and continues to attend conferences hosted by PSCA and Pennsylvania Department of Education. She has great interest in the current research on how to best support students in their educational environment.

During her free time, Adria enjoys outdoor activities such walking her dog, running at the park, and taking her little girl on new adventures. She is learning to play the ukulele in the hopes of them becoming the most famous mother/daughter singing duo since The Judds, but, you know, with a ukulele. It always makes Adria happy to see any paraphernalia with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. Visit her office and you will surely have a smile, too!