Stephen Crooms



Stephen Crooms grew up in Berkeley, CA, and went to school in New York at Columbia University. He was a history major, with a concentration in imperialism. This informs a lot of his teaching, as he really enjoys teaching A Passage to India, Heart of Darkness, and Nervous Conditions.


In his post-college life, he has gotten very involved in a daily meditation practice, which has allowed him to be much more present and empathetic with students.

Stephen taught at a school called Tilden Academy in Albany, CA, for 3.5 years, which also has a one-to-one model. At both Tilden and Fusion, he has seen what a difference one-to-one instruction can provide. With the one-to-one model, teachers can focus on a student’s interests and learning style, while making sure they pick up valuable skills along the way. Nothing makes him happier than discussing history and great literature with interested students, which is why he works at Fusion!