Jason Lions

Area Head of School



Jason’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and a Master of Education in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship. Through studying the educational pedagogy and practice of his mentor Daisaku Ikeda, he developed the conviction that genuine education is what remains with us beyond the classroom and its measure of success lies in students’ ability to live a happy life and create value for themselves and the world.


He came to Fusion last year not just as an educator seeking a different way, but also as someone who as a young person encountered many of the challenges faced by students coming to us from traditional schools. He shared that it was only due to a few incredible teachers and mentors, who never gave up on him, that he was able to transform his life and discover his mission to empower young people.
With this focus he has spent the past 25 years working in various public and private schools, as a teacher/mentor, director of programming, special education, and admissions, and as a principal—both in Los Angeles and in Virginia where he grew up. He also serves as a national director for a youth-focused non-profit, where he has been fortunate to travel the U.S. and the world—supporting tens of thousands of young people from every facet of society.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves nature, camping and hiking and is also into art, taiko drumming, and sci-fi.
  • His passion lies in working for peace and he spends a lot of his own time volunteering.
  • He is also a husband and dad of two amazing and energetic kids, including one of whom is wonderfully neurodiverse.