Benjy Fogelman

Humanities Teacher/Mentor

Benjy Fogelman earned his Bachelor's Degree in English Language & Literature at the University of Maryland in College Park.  He has over fifteen years of experience working in education, and has worked as an ABA Therapist, inclusion counselor, and personal mentor to various children on the Autism Spectrum.  He could be called a Fusion “veteran,” as he has been teaching at Fusion for nearly six years, beginning his Fusion career at the Los Gatos campus before eventually moving down to Los Angeles, first joining the Warner Center team, and then eventually joining the awesome Miracle Mile campus last year! Benjy has also made his living as both a street performer and as a professional musician, and spent about 5 years playing with a folk-punk band on both the East Coast and in the San Francisco Bay Area.  During his non-Fusion hours, he loves to write, play music, perform, listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, and watching shows from really any streaming service.  Benjy is excited to start up a new semester at Fusion and help to provide a quality, individualized education to all of its students!

Favorite Quote:  “Nose to the grindstone / Head to the stars” - The Roots