Arati Patel

Director of Student Services

Master’s degree in Biology, Science Education degree

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Arati Patel has been Science Teacher and Department Head at Fusion Academy for 8 years. She now takes on the Director of Student Development roll to use her expertise to ensure that students have the credits and requirements necessary to achieve their goals now, & in life after high school.
She has earned a Master’s degree in Biology from Adelphi University and a Science Education degree from Queens College. She has done research work in Microbiology at Adelphi University working with microbes from Long Island estuaries.


Arati has taught at Bellmore-Merrick school district, where she spent a lot of time relating to students and supporting their academic needs. She has always wanted to instill the same passion for science that she has for science in her students.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves sporting events
  • Crazy about monkeys