Shamira Williams

Director of Education


Shamira is an accomplished educator and leader with over a decade of experience in education. She holds an Associate's degree in Mathematics from Brazosport College, allowing her to bring a logical and analytical approach to teaching. Shamira also obtained a BFA in Music Performance from Texas Southern University, demonstrating her creative talents and dedication to the arts. She is pursuing an MBA in Organizational Leadership to develop further her strategic thinking, communication, and team management skills. As the Assistant Director, Shamira is devoted to empowering teachers, engaging students, and creating a positive school culture focused on academic excellence. Her diverse educational background and passion for learning enable her to connect with students from all backgrounds. Shamira is excited to continue growing as an educational leader and make a positive impact on students. Additionally, Shamira is devoted to fostering a positive and inclusive school culture where every student is valued and empowered to succeed.


Shamira began her career teaching mathematics in public schools, where she specialized in working with students with diverse learning needs. Shamira has a gift for making math accessible and exciting for all learners.

She joined the Fusion Academy team eager to continue helping students thrive. At Fusion, Shamira has taught both math and science. She took on leadership roles as Special Education Lead and STEM Department Head, supporting teachers and expanding STEM education.

In 2022, Shamira brought her wealth of classroom and leadership experience to her current role as Director of Education.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Classically trained lyric soprano
  • Is a 7-year breast cancer survivor
  • Has coached 5 different sports with volleyball being her favorite