Matt Starolis

Department Head

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering - University of Texas at Austin


Matt’s journey into engineering started with the curiosity of a child, taking apart a Nintendo to discover its electronic workings. This led to a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and was furthered by certifications in computer security (CISSP), investment management (CFA, Series 65), and risk management (FAIR). As a Khan Academy Ambassador, Matt is dedicated to broadening access to education, bringing diverse expertise to his teaching and enriching the academic experience with practical knowledge.


A teacher known for high standards and personal, empathetic feedback, Matt encourages a learning environment where students are challenged to reach their full potential. His innovative use of AI in education demonstrates his commitment to creative and tech-infused learning. Matt's varied corporate roles, including his time at Microsoft, have honed his ability to connect academic theory with practical application. His mentorship prepares students for success in their studies and arms them with the skills to confidently face the challenges of the future.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Was a founding member and sales leader in a successful cybersecurity start-up.
  • Contributed to a foundational textbook on computer architecture, influencing college education worldwide.
  • Loving dog dad to two delightful doodles, Pirate and Dahboo. (and friend to all the little birds and critters that frequent his backyard)
  • Proud Austin Distance Challenge finisher.