Dusty Paez

Director of Outreach


Dusty Paez graduated from Sam Houston State University with her B.A. in Speech Communication and a Minor in Spanish. She later obtained her Special Education Certification through Region IV via St. Thomas University.


Dusty has worked as a certified Case Manager and Instructor of individuals with disabilities for more than ten years. She is passionate about advocacy, building inclusive communities for all; embracing everyone's unique ability to learn and thrive. Diversity, belonging and inclusivity are the backbone of her values. She leads by raising awareness for individuals with disabilities, relationship building and mentorship. Understanding the needs of her individual clients is the driving force behind what she does.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Lived in Guadalajara Mexico as a foreign exchange student.
  • Thrift-shopping for home decor.
  • Planning/decorating for beautiful parties and events.