Damon McDaniel

Math Teacher/Mentor

Damon was born in Dallas, TX and moved to Spring, TX in 1990, where he attended school in the Klein ISD district. In 1999, after graduating from Klein High School, he attended University of Texas at Austin and participated in the Longhorn Band as a trumpet player for 2 years and taught private lessons to middle school students. This is where he noticed he was good at teaching and would eventually drop his computer science major in favor of a math major. He participate in the school program UTeach, in which students can major in STEM fields, but also certify in teaching at the same time.
After graduating UT in the fall of 2004, Damon moved back to Spring, TX to take on a job as long-term substitute for a math teacher at Klein High, his alma mater. He later would work at Klein as a full-time math teacher for 4 years and then spend 7 years working for Klein Oak high school. During his time at Klein, Damon pursued his master’s degree at A&M. Being a UT grad, his first choice was not to go to A&M, but at the time, they were the only school in the US that had an online master’s degree program for mathematics. Having completed his master’s degree, Damon worked at Lone Star for 2 years teaching college algebra and teaching dual credit college algebra at Klein Oak.
After switching to Oak Ridge High school for the 2016-2017 year, Damon decided he wanted to go in a different direction than the way public schools were going and felt like he could make a better impact on students in a small setting by teaching how to learn and how to study effectively, which he taught a lot about in his dual credit courses. Damon found Fusion Academy online and was intrigued with the one-to-one model, and after learning more about it, fell in love with it and became a full-time teacher during the 2017-2018 school year.

Damon loves to teach all variety of mathematics and loves to teach students how to learn more effectively.