Asim Ali

Teacher & Mentor

As the Director of Homework Café, Asim leads teachers in providing support, structure, and mentoring for students. He works to ensure a safe and productive environment in the Homework Café so students can achieve success at Fusion.

Asim was born and raised in Arlington, TX but is learning how to be a Houstonian. He graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Asim has over 36 academic credit hours of Laboratory experience within the fields of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. In the field of Biology, he has studied Microbiology, Zoology, Ecology, Geology, Botany, Anatomy, and Genetics.

While Asim intended on becoming an environmental scientist, he has always possessed a love for learning and has over 20 academic credit hours in education courses such as Pedagogy of Teaching, Pedagogy of Science and Technology, Technology in the Classroom, and more. He spent some time in China teaching local children and currently volunteers for the youth programs at his local church.

Asim is passionate about science, education, and people. In his free time, he loves to rock climb, go on runs, and look up fun science facts.