Giovanna Duque


I was born in Hollywood, Florida but lived my entire life in Colombia.

I come from a Teachers family, and graduate from a catholic school where my grandma was my geography teacher and my aunt my math teacher.

When I was in 10th grade I had the best teacher’s team, chemistry, math and physics. Because of them I learned to love academics and science.

In 2009 I got accepted in one of the three public universities in Colombia, National Pedagogic University. This is the University where almost all the teacher of Colombia come from.

During the 5 years of college, I dedicated all my free time working as chemistry and physics home tutor. That is how payed for college! Although on the third year I earned a scholarship for obtaining good grades, so I did not have to pay anything after that. 😛

I Received Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry Teaching in 2015, since then and for 2 years I worked In a private school teaching Algebra, Chemistry and Biology.

Then in august 2017 I decided to come to the US to get a Master Degree in Forensic science.

I left my family and my friends in Colombia and came here to Houston to stars over again. I worked as a waitress at Zoë’s Kitchen and as Visual Associate at Pottery Barn, this was a great time for me because thanks to them I got to learn and practice English for 5 months.

However, during that period I was kind of sad because I was missing being a teacher so much, so I decided to take the risk and look somewhere I can do what I Love  and I found Fusion!

This is the best place a have ever been, is my dream job…

It’s been an amazing adventure so far.