Kiki Iden



Kiki began her studies at Folsom Lake College, majoring in Mathematics. After completing her Associate's for Transfer, she began her major of Mathematics with a concentration in Education at CSU Monterey Bay. Throughout her challenging undergraduate career, Kiki maintained a heavy work schedule, spent time volunteering at local schools, and earned a Summa Cum Laude position.


Kiki knew from very little that she wanted to be a teacher; it was not until her freshmen year of high school where she began tutoring mathematics that her education career began to blossom. From then on, Kiki worked hard to continue tutoring throughout California and volunteering in a variety of classrooms by acting as a teacher assistant or head teacher for certain days of the week.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Kiki's full name is Vasiliki, which is Greek for "Queen."
  • She loves to play music and go record shopping at old, vintage stores.
  • Kiki's favorite sports teams are the US Women's National Soccer Team as well as the Golden State Warriors.