Robyn Duncan

English & Art Teacher/Mentor

Robyn Duncan teaches English, Art, and electives at Fusion Academy.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors from Stony Brook University and is currently in the process of obtaining her MFA in Documentary Film in Hunter College’s IMA Program. During her time at Stony Brook University, she worked extensively in online literary magazines and newspapers while making and editing a short film for her English Honors Undergraduate Thesis.

Robyn worked as a Teaching Assistant for both an entry level English course and an upper division Environmental Literature course, working one on one with students to develop their reading and writing skills. She worked with honors students, non-English speakers, and special needs students to aid in their reading comprehension and academic writing capabilities in individual tutoring sessions weekly. Additionally, she has short films and audio pieces shown in three exhibitions, all within the nonfiction documentary sphere.

Robyn worked extensively in the floral industry throughout her high school, undergraduate, and graduate career and enjoys designing in her free time. She is also an avid movie watcher and music fan and enjoys going on long hikes on the weekend.

In high school, Robyn worked at both a flower shop and an ice cream shop, but many evenings were spent bowling with her varsity team.