Ruth Jackson


Ruth graduated from at Ithaca College with a BA in Writing with a minor in Deaf Studies. Her love for Deaf Culture started when she took American Sign Language (ASL) classes at the American School for the Deaf in high school. She attended a semester at Gallaudet University as a Visiting Student so she could fully immerse herself into American Sign Language.

Ruth's recent experience includes working with grades Pre-K through 6th grade and offering private tutoring. She even taught ASL to a family of eight who wanted to learn to communicate with a new family member who was Deaf.

As a writer, she has 10 publications and her dream is to become a NY Times Bestselling Author. She enjoys putting her personal experience as a Deaf person into her writing as often as she can.

Outside of work, Ruth enjoys reading, writing, watching cop shows, sleeping, eating (mostly Mexican food) and hanging out with friends. Washington Park is one of her favorite places to read and people watch.

Fun fact: As a kid, Ruth was sure her parents would allow her to have a pet snake since her mom used to work at the Boston Science Museum taking care of snakes, but her parents said no.  She still hopes to have a pet snake one day!