Christina C. Tipton

Head of School

Dallas Head of School, Christina Tipton, started with Fusion Academy as a Teacher/Mentor when the first Texas schools opened in 2014. After 2 years in the classroom, she moved into the role of Plano’s Director of Admissions and Outreach and also served as Interim Head of School in Plano for a time.

After graduating from The University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Communications (with studies in Psychology, Education and a minor in Business Management) she began her career in sports marketing and public relations. She moved to the Dallas area in 2001 and shifted into Medical Practice Management and Consulting.

Christina was taught meditation in grade school and as a young adult began practicing, studying and teaching Yoga in her Mentor’s studio. After 10 years under her Mentor’s guidance, she left her traditional corporate work and found the courage to create her own company, Imagine Yoga. She specialized in one-to-one yoga and facilitated workshops for kids and adults. A former Imagine Yoga client of Christina’s (whose son was the first official Fusion student in Texas!) recommended her to Fusion Academy.

She serves on the committee of the Adolescent Symposium with Mental Health America Greater Dallas Chapter and collaborates closely with professionals that are advocates of adolescent mental health and wellness in the DFW community.

Christina is a devoted soccer-mom, lacrosse-mom and orchestra-mom and when not traveling, lives an active and adventurous life with her husband Chris and blended family of 4 kids and adopted dog, Ziggy Stardust. She’s grateful for the supportive partnership of the co-parents because it definitely takes a village.

The only thing Christina knows for sure, she learned from the Beatles:

Love is all you need.